100,000 women can’t be wrong.
It’s a must-read family drama!

“Every woman should read this book!”

“Every woman should read this book!”

I absolutely loved ‘Iris & Lily’! I hated to see it end and I miss the characters that felt like friends.
— Amazon reader review

What is Iris & Lily about?

Who are they?

Iris & Lily is a story about two sisters who love each other more than anything in the world. They do everything together. They share a bed, clothes, friends. As children they spend every moment together. They come to depend on each other for survival; their parents are overburdened with their very large Italian-American Catholic family. There is never enough money, food, or attention to go around. They crave care and attention; it drives them. Traumatic events begin to pull the two sisters apart as they come of age, each with her own distorted yet compelling view of the world urging her forward into increasingly bad decisions and precarious situations.

When does the story take place?

Iris & Lily: Book One begins in the 1960s, when Iris and Lily Capotosti are school-aged children. It is a charming yet tumultuous time when the last milkman meets the first man on the moon. The story then follows the sisters and their family through the 1970s as the cultural disruption of the Women’s Movement completely dismantles any semblance of stability they have managed to hang onto, and obscures their path to the future. Can they overcome the poverty, neglect, and abuse of their childhood? What consequences will their desperate attempts create?

Are you ready for an adventure?

Look no further

But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

You may have to lose some sleep. You may have to postpone chores and put off your family’s demands. You may even be late for work. Because, like so many of the 100,000+ women who have read Iris & Lily, you won’t want to put it down until you’ve finished. 

“It’s one of the best books you’ll ever read.”

A riveting family drama that you will want to share

Mothers and daughters, sisters and friends and women from all backgrounds are sharing this captivating story with those they love. Why? Because we all remember the doubts and fears that plagued us during the passage from childhood to womanhood. Because we all know the pain of past mistakes and many of us still feel the sting of regret. Because we all crave understanding and hope for reconciliation. 

I could not put this book down. An emotional ride!
— Amazon reader review

“Every woman should read this book.”

Iris & Lily: Book One will take you on an emotional ride you won’t want to end. Which is great – because you’ll have Book Two and Book Three already waiting for you – and that’s when the ride gets really wild.

I’ve read them all now and I just don’t have the words to express how very much I loved these books. I didn’t want their story to end.
— Reader review

Songs of Iris & Lily

In Iris & Lily, Lily Capotosti dreams of being a singer. Her story is punctuated by original songs written by Rick McKown. Lift Me Up is one of those songs. It reveals the heart of every oppressed dreamer, of everyone who holds a vision for a better day in her heart, and who depends on the kindness and support of those around her to help make it possible.


More than 100,000 women can’t be wrong

With more than 100,000 copies sold, Iris & Lily is a captivating family saga that exposes and celebrates the complex and often turbulent relationships between sisters and within families and how those relationships influence the way women interact with the world and with each other.


What women are saying about this epic family drama

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Angela Scipioni and Julie Scipioni, co-authors of the bestselling novel series, “Iris & Lily”.

Angela Scipioni and Julie Scipioni, co-authors of the bestselling novel series, “Iris & Lily”.

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Best read for beach or vacation!

Best read for beach or vacation!

“You won’t want to let them go!”

“You won’t want to let them go!”

I just finished ‘Iris & Lily’ and I can’t wait until some time has passed so I can read them all again.

— Amazon reader review

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