A superb book


"The Scipioni sisters have made Iris and Lily into living people with this book.

"Their intelligent and perceptive descriptions of the relationships in the lives of Iris and Lily strongly resonate with me. Iris and Lily, in addition to their unfortunate romantic relationships, have a complex personal relationship with each other. We also get to know their family, friends, schoolmates, neighbors, teachers, co-workers and in-laws as real people in real situations.

"A more universal undercurrent in the book, the tension between pragmatic reality and joy, challenges us to re-examine our own lives. We want our life choices to be based on reality so we can avoid suffering failure after failure. Yet we want joy in our lives so our lives will have meaning. We watch Iris and Lily intuitively seek to reach above a compromise of these goals and find more than a balance - to harmonize them into a joyous reality. This undercurrent in the book is powerful and speaks to all of us."