A Must Read


“A Must Read! This is probably one of the most important series that I have ever read. It is also most relevant to everyone . I started the book series and could not let it go. It touched me on so many levels. As a sister, daughter , wife and mother of a girl and 2 boys. The story brought me back to my childhood. My sister and I were very close. Our mother was a widow . She was the product of a very lonely , troubled life. She was widowed at the age of 37 . She spent her life looking to be loved and struggling to raise us on her own. As I get older I understand our journey better . My mother was extremely intelligent and hard working. She struggled with alcoholism and spousal abuse from her second husband. But she was able to pull herself together many times. We lived frugally but we were always cared for. I hope the readers understand how important it is to teach young boys and girls to be respectful and loving. Whoever reads this will realize how family and love shapes our lives.”