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We know how it is. You like to hold your books in your hands. The trade paperback format gives you something to grab onto, as Iris & Lily take hold of your heart. 

Iris & Lily: Book One
By Angela and Julie Scipioni
Iris & Lily: Book Two
By Angela and Julie Scipioni
Iris & Lily: Book Three
By Angela and Julie Scipioni

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You want to take your library with you wherever you go. We get it. The ebook format enables you to continue your Iris & Lily experience wherever and whenever the opportunity arises! 

Plus, with the Complete Series ebook, you get the convenience and value of all three books in the series rolled into one


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Who has time to read?! No matter how hectic your schedule is, you can enjoy the Iris & Lily audio books in the car, in the air, or with eyes closed relaxing in front of the fire.



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