Puppy Dogs and Rainbows

The other day, I posted a piece titled,

Pens and Penises

. Some people did not appreciate my metaphors. I suppose they are still sorting out recent events. Or they just plain didn't like it. Other people didn't get the metaphor at all, and still others connected with it.

I am hoping to have better luck with this post. After all, who doesn't love puppy dogs and rainbows... right?

My point (no pun intended) was that regardless of who the President of the United States is, it is incumbent on those of us who have personal power in any form - whether by nature of our gender, our money, or our talents - to mobilize that power for good in this world.

I embraced my first real post-election opportunity to do so yesterday along with my friend Janice. A gay couple who live in the Browncroft neighborhood where Janice lives had a rainbow flag on their porch. Someone set it on fire. On their front porch. Of their house. Where they live.

I'm not gay, and that's not OK. (See what I did there?)

Pictured left to right: Janice, Love, Me

Janice and I don't have to be gay to stand up for justice for people who are. I don't have to be black to speak out against hate toward those who are. I just have to recognize that you are my sister. Or my brother. I don't stand idly by as someone bullies my family.

We need straight people standing up for gay people, whites fighting for blacks, and men advancing the causes of women. And guess what? I don't have to agree with you to stand beside you. I just have to agree with love. The proliferation of hate and injustice is not "their" problem. It's our problem. And we are the solution. Together. Under any administration.

Pictured, left to right: Janice, Love, Person giving out free hugs

It didn't cost me anything to attend this event. And I got a couple of awesome free hugs, met some amazing people, and had the chance to pet a few puppy dogs.

Emerson, Dog of Love. (He is looking for a home. Contact rescuepit.org)

Despite all the rage and hate that seems to be everywhere, yesterday was a day of puppy dogs and rainbows. And it made a difference that I showed up; it was an act of love and justice that had impact in the moment and that I know will ring out for all eternity. You should try it. Please do.

Find someone in need of your power, then do something small in your neighborhood or do something big if you can. Just do something. That's where the revolution begins.

Love and Peace,