One bite of chocolate

I love my husband with my whole heart. He has just one fatal flaw. He chews his chocolate. The way one might eat a raw carrot. He takes a bite, chews it, swallows it, takes another bite, chews it swallows it.

One bite of chocolate by Julie Scipioni

I don't believe I ever saw him eat chocolate before we were married. I'm sure I wouldn't have said "I do" to someone who would do such a thing. I would have had to ask him to sign a prenup, at the least, since this behavior was strong evidence that we were doomed. We are hanging in there despite the odds, thank God.

The process for eating food for nourishment does follow a bite-chew-swallow-repeat pattern, we can agree on that. But eating for the pure pleasure of it - as we do when we eat chocolate, or a brownie, or salted caramel frozen Greek yogurt - requires more finesse, and a mouthful or two of mindfulness.

The right way to eat fine chocolate of course is to first take one small bite and allow it to linger on the tongue, until it softens and melts, painting the roof of your mouth with a silky coat of smooth loveliness. Closing your eyes and moaning helps.

My husband hates it when I try to help him eat chocolate the right way. All I'm doing is explaining it to him. One time he even told me, "I beg your pardon, but I've been eating chocolate this way my whole life."

Exactly my point.

We are made for eating, but we are also made for savoring, for the experience of pleasure. Eating chocolate should be different than eating a carrot. Otherwise, I suspect that carrots and chocolate would taste the same, and then when we love someone we would give them a heart shaped box full of vegetables on Valentine's Day, and our Easter baskets would overflow with kale.

When you truly enjoy something, and are in the moment with that experience, it enriches your life, balancing out - even in a small way - the topsy-turvy, rushing around, messed up, crazy world in which we live.

Enjoy the one bite.



Julie Scipioni is the co-author of the Amazon #1 bestselling novel series,

Iris & Lily.