Lately I've been having dreams where I can't see. My lids are so heavy that I don't have the strength to raise them. In one dream in particular, I had a military rifle in my hands. I was a sniper and my co-snipers had been protecting me, due to my blindness. But then my fellow snipers (what do you call a group of snipers, anyway?) left and asked me to guard the fort. Me, with the lead eyelids.

Like WHY would you put ME in charge of THAT?

After they left, I strained and struggled to open my eyes. I would get them open a tiny crack, and then they would slam shut again. I heard our enemies approach and I panicked. There was no way to fight them without being able to see. Even with my fancy-schmancy John Reese rifle. So instead of defending the fort, I hid behind a dumpster in the alley. I hid and waited until my allies came back and secured victory. 

This dream, this visitation from a group of angel snipers, was speaking to me about the importance not of sight, but of vision. I can have the most amazing and powerful rifle ever, and be surrounded by the best and strongest friends, and have something important worth fighting for, worth defending. But if I refuse to see things as they really are, if I can't find the courage to face my enemies, I will always be cowering in the alley, hiding, waiting for someone to come and save me.

I can never develop a sense of my power from behind the dumpster.

The truth is, I don't like fighting. Who does? I am actually surprised that I even had a dream about being in a war, it's so unlike me to use such a violent analogy. But I think that was probably the point of this divine communication. Like it or not there are conflicts all around us - within ourselves, between ourselves and others, good and evil, compassion and ignorance, fear and love. Refusing to be engaged isn't an option. You're either fighting or you're hiding, slamming your eyes shut against the truth of the world in which we live.

If I can't see who I am and what I'm about, if I don't know what I believe in or what I would give of myself to protect and uphold I truly am defenseless in this world. Watching everyone else do the work that I must learn to do for myself.

But as I open my eyes and enter the battle, perhaps my presence, the very energy of my courage, the fact that I stand at the ready willing to step into the fray, will steady others, will make the world just a little less afraid, and more will awaken and emerge.

Yes, let's do that.



Julie Scipioni

is a writer, speaker, and the co-author of the #1 Amazon bestselling novel,

Iris & Lily