Holding Open the Door to Love

Sunday is a day when we are reminded of the possibility of redemption, and I would like to take this opportunity to seek some of that for myself.

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted a link to a blog article that examined some interpretation, translation, and cultural contextual implications of the Bible with respect to the topic of homosexuality. But then I took the post down because I felt that the post comments were being used to spread the idea that God is not all loving, and that people are fit to judge one another. I felt attacked, and I got angry so I took my toys and I went home.

I realize now that by taking the link down, I reduced the force of God's Love in this world by one voice.

I'm not saying that I have extensively researched all of the information in this very thoughtful and informative article. But I do believe that any theology that includes all and loves all must be the theology of Jesus.

Jesus calls us to love all and judge none. That includes gay people, by the way. If it didn't - if Jesus meant to create an exception - He would have been very clear and specific about that. 

I think it would serve all of us well to read this entire article and prayerfully consider what it says. I'm not here to debate it; I'm only holding open the door of love and non-judgement. You can step through it, or not. But you can't close the door on me. So here it is again.

Just read it. What are you so afraid of?