Stay the Course

When we're facing difficult times - whether we are working to overcome adversity or to accomplish a cherished dream - it's important to see past today's pain and to keep the longview of hope. While things might not look great to us right now, we are on a path. As long as we act with faith and integrity, we can expect to one day find ourselves standing on the cusp of a brighter day.

A few years ago, my husband wrote this song and I recorded it. If you or someone you know is facing challenges, share this with them. Sometimes all you need is to know that you are on the right track and that there is always hope.

Listen to Stay the Course.

Stay the Course

I had a dream I was a starship driver
I met the man in the moon
He said to me, "I know you're cold and tired,
But there's still so much to do.
And I know sometimes, it seems you're out there on your own
But there's much more going on than you can see
You may believe in happenstance
But nothing happens just by chance
The right time and place is where you'll always be.

Just Stay the Course, you're on the right track
Trust in your heart, no, don't look back
Watch for the signs along the way
The road ahead leads to a brighter day."

I met a man on the way to somewhere
He had that look in his eye
I don't know how but I could tell he'd been there
Around the block once or twice
And he said, "You may not know me
From the man in the moon,
But I've a feeling you've got something on your mind.
You might think that it's absurd, but I'm giving you my word
What you're looking for won't be so hard to find."

Now I don't know what makes the world go 'round
The sky blue, the grass so green
And I don't understand serendipity
But I do believe that dreams come true
So if you're open to the clues
There's no end to the possibilities