Scientific studies have shown journal writing to be essentially a panacea for modern life.
— New York Times

Welcome to the Iris & Lily
Self-Discovery Challenge!


Not sure what the Iris & Lily Self-Discovery Challenge is all about? Everything you need to know is right here! Start at the bottom of this page for background. Video #2: Welcome! explains how the Challenge will work and what you need to get started
(Hint: There’s no registration, and nothing to buy. You basically just need a pen and some paper.)

Every week or so, we’ll post a new video here, and on on our YouTube playlist. We’ll also be posting them in the Iris & Lily Facebook Group, which is where all the discussion and sharing will be happening, too. So if you haven’t joined the group yet, don’t wait!

Week #4: From Belief to Behavior

Week #3: Meaning in the memories

Week #2: Making it Personal

Week #1: Warming up




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Before We Begin


Video #1: What’s it all about?


We’ve always known from personal experience that writing in a journal has the power to heal and to help us get emerge victorious from some of life’s most formidable challenges. But now there’s actually scientific research to back it up!

If you have a vague - or even a very clear - sense that things are just not right for you and you’d like to explore what’s bugging you or keeping you from being all you can be in your life, journal writing might just be the thing for you.

We know undertaking such a venture can be scary and lonely. That’s why we’re introducing the Iris & Lily Self-Discovery Challenge. Come together with a group of amazing women, all dedicated to supporting each other and forging their own path to wholeness.

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