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From soaring ballads to Latin-inspired instrumentals by guitar virtuoso Rick McKown,
​"Songs of Iris & Lily" has something for everyone.Iris & Lily  is the novel written by Angela and Julie Scipioni. Events in the lives of the novel's main characters Iris and Lily Capotosti are - as are the lives of many of us - marked by powerful and unforgettable songs. Now you can enjoy the songs from the novel. 

​​​Featured songs

Halfway Round the Moon

The tenderness of a sister, the touch of a lover, the stories we share with those we treasure can bring us together, regardless of our physical distance.

One Woman's War

This powerful song hauntingly exposes the tragedy of intimate partner violence - a theme that weaves itself throughout the story of Iris & Lily. 

Lift Me Up

We all need someone to reach out and offer the hand of compassion. The strength we give is the strength we receive.

The Path

A full range of life challenges play out on the stage of Iris & Lily. A dogged dedication to hope and integrity provides the backdrop to the drama.

... plus more tunes that are sure to quickly become new favorites.

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songs of Iris & Lily

Music and lyrics 
Rick McKown

Iris & Lily